VIDEO: VersaEmerge Reveal Their Halloween Costumes, Candy Binge

(Credit: Circe Baumgartner/MTV)

It's going to be hard for VersaEmerge to top their Halloween costumes from last year. The Florida rockers dressed up as Paramore during their Halloween 2009 show and threw everyone for a loop.

This year, the "Fixed at Zero" band is still touring but has the day off, and their costume concepts are all set. Together, VersaEmerge's costumes sound like a setup for one of those cheesy jokes my uncle tells me at every holiday: "A Na'vi, a fox, and a guy from Anchorman walk into a bar..."

So they won't match, big deal. What's important here is that VersaEmerge is doing what every smart kid should do on Halloween--get to the richest neighborhood you can find and trick-or-treat your face off. Full candy bars! Jackpot!

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