INTERVIEW: What Does Willow Smith Want To Be For Halloween?

(Credit: Getty Images)

Given the wide variety of Halloween costume options available for young girls this year (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Hannah Montana, Antoine "Dogson"), you would think that reigning hair whipping queen Willow Smith would have huge wardrobe plans this Oct. 31, especially considering it also happens to be her 10th birthday (two full hands!).

Personally, I was hoping for some crazy outfit based around that awesome heart-shaped weave in her "Whip My Hair" video.  Or I could totally see her as a really cute version of a sober Snooki. But instead, when we asked Willow Smith what she wants to be for Halloween, she told us dressing up as...Willow Smith?

The mini Smith says that she's going to dress as herself this Halloween and when she goes trick-or-treating she's going to ask people if they like Willow Smith. When they say "yes," she'll say, "Surprise, it's me!"

Point is, if you see a little girl who looks like Willow Smith trick-or-treating and yelling "Surprise, it's me," then that's probably Willow Smith. Dressed as herself.

+ Watch Willow Smith reveal her Halloween costume below.