Taylor Swift Dating Jake Gyllenhaal Is SUCH An Epic Upgrade!!!

(Credit: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift has come far from the days of Taylor + Taylor (Lautner, obviously) and Joe Jonas. Lately, the 20-year-old country-pop phenom just LOVES to kick it with an older dude! And it's speculated that Taylor Swift's moved on from notorious serial dater/chronic TMI-er John Mayer. It's been reported that Taylor "Fearless"-ly called John Mayer out on his "dark and twisted games" on her new song, "Dear John." And to prove that John Mayer is SO earlier-this-year, Taylor Swift has been seen spending time with steamy Jake Gyllenhaal, who's 9 years older than her. If the rumors are true, we think this liaison is an upgrade worthy of a PARADE. Prince of Persia's Jake Gyllenhaal is mind-bogglingly beautiful.

Multiple sources spotted Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal out in New York City, and Taylor even brought him to the Saturday Night Live set where her bestie Emma Stone was hosting last weekend. The pair were also reportedly seen walking around Brooklyn together, and they just went apple-picking together. Maybe Taylor's over rock stars as potential suitors and has returned to Hollywood for boyfriend fodder?

Are you guys into this unlikely pair? Or did you prefer when Taylor Swift dated within her age-bracket (and name, in the latter case) with Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner? OR, were you pro "John Tayer"? Sound off in the comments!

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