PHOTOS: 9 Celebrities Photoshopped Into Zombies

(Credit: FilmMagic/Sean Gresens/MTV)

Did you guys know that zombies are the new vampires? It's true. Well, at least at the moment. Maybe it's because Halloween's almost here, and because we're psyched for that zombie show on AMC, or because we've been listening to a lot of Fela Kuti (it happens), but we're way into zombies taking the place of the Cullens.

Sci-fi aficionados will be sure to tell you that zombies and vampires are apples and oranges, but I have to say I'm definitely pro-zombies. There's something a little extra cool about eating brains instead of blood. Also, you don't have to wear a cape, and you can eat all the garlic you want!

Above we have (an obviously doctored photo of ) Ke$ha as a zombie (or would it be zombi€?).  Even though she's missing half of a pinky finger, sporting whited-out eyes, and wearing lipstick made of blood, for some reason none of this looks out of place. Ke$ha might actually be a zombie.  Maybe naming her new album Cannibal is just the tip of the iceberg.

(Credit: Getty Images Sean Gresens/MTV)

Lady Gaga's meat dress at the 2010 VMAs seems to make a lot more sense now. Her filet headpiece and hanger steak purse were simply a mid-evening snack. Every zombie needs sustenance to maintain their healthy puke-colored complexion, duh. And what do you think inspired her lyrics for "Bad Romance?" "Rah rah, ah ah ah" is moaned on the regular at Gaga's monthly zombie bridge games.

(Credit: Getty Images Sean Gresens/MTV)

Aw! Britney Spears even looks pretty as a zombie! No wonder Madonna wants to kiss her!

(Credit: Getty Images/Sean Gresens/MTV)

Oh, no! They got my little Justin Bieber, too! How are we supposed to see the "U Smile" singer's famously sly grin behind all that gross blood and guts? Even though they might have eaten his brain, it was pretty nice of the zombies to let Biebz keep the hair, don't you think? Blood is the new black!

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