Star Spotting: Did Lady Gaga Hair-Jack Heidi Montag?

(Credit: FilmMagic/Splash News/Getty Images)

Guys, I’m pretty sure that the father of linguistics, Noam Chomsky, would even agree that this is a totally never-before-uttered phrase: I want to look as classically sleek, polished, and downright glamorous as Lady Gaga does in photo of her in London yesterday.

It seems a trip to London is all it takes for the Lady Gaga's Madonna 2.0 transformation we discussed earlier last week from stage five to at LEAST stage 10. I know because I’m a Lady Gaga/Madonna-ologist. It’s very Madonna circa her Reinvention tour. And once again, check out Gaga's new blonde hair! It's a shade ACTUALLY found in nature! Lady Gaga’s follicular Heidi Montag version 3.0 moment is killing me softly. It’s clearly inspired by Barbie (which, let's be real, Heidi is as well).

I’d really like to see what kind of eye makeup Gaga has going on under those fantastic oversize black shades, and that red lip is the stuff Fashion Week runway dreams are made of.

Lady Gaga, you clean up well! Could this perfect storm of chic be the effect of your new (reported) status as a married lady? And what do you think of Gaga's true blonde look? Yay or nay? Weigh in!