Listen To Rock Mafia's 'The Big Bang,' Before Miley Cyrus Stars In The Video

(Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

News about Miley Cyrus' new "Big Bang" video hit the web last week and left us with only a few clues: It involves some kind of car crash, and there'd be some seriously steamy glances between Miley and her video costar, "Gossip Girl" actor/raging hottie Kevin Zegers. And now, has the song, "The Big Bang," by Miley's Los Angeles-based producers, Rock Mafia.

The "Can't Be Tamed" singer recently released her video for "Who Owns My Heart" and reminded us once again that she's well on her way to entering that phase every lady goes through that Britney Spears described so well--"not a girl, not yet a woman." As Miley moves away from "Hannah Montana" territory and toward the Parents Television Council's sh** list, her guest spot in "The Big Bang" video reminds us that girl's grown up.

Miley Cyrus fans looking to "nod their head like yeah" should look elsewhere. "The Big Bang" is more suited to "chilling on a couch like whoa," and seeing as that's one of my favorite activities, I'm giving the girl props on this one. Also, major Maroon 5 vibe, anyone?

Rock Mafia's video "The Big Bang," featuring Miley Cyrus, will premiere Nov. 1 on the E! network.

+ Listen to Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang," featuring Miley Cyrus.