10 Things To Know Now: Lea Michele's Return To Innocence, Kanye Shows Us His Phoenix, 50 Cent's Grammar Lesson

Welcome back to my round-up of all the cool things all the cool kids are watching and listening to this week! And a one, and a two, and a...

1.) Worst attempt at word invention ever? Rapper Yung Humma has ingeniously combined "smash" and "bang" in his soon-to-be hit single "Lemme Smang It," a sultry ditty describing--what else?--doing it. His dance moves will make you really uncomfortable. (Refinery29)

2.) Glad to see the Glee team taking some creative leaps: For their "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Halloween tribute episode airing tomorrow, Lea Michele's goody-two-shoes character Rachel Berry takes the stage as Rocky goody-two-shoes Janet, and Kevin McHale's wheelchair-bound Artie plays wheelchair-bound Dr. Scott. Watch a sneak peek of Glee's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" episode. (Ace Showbiz)

3.) Kanye West premiered his first film "Runaway" Saturday on MTV. It's an epic tale of a man and his really pretty, nearly naked phoenix, with the dopest soundtrack ever and also some ballerinas. Lucky for you, you can watch Kanye's "Runaway" online. (MTV)

4.) Daft Punk surprised all the hip francophile New Yorkers last week when they joined Phoenix on stage at Madison Square Garden during CMJ. No, it's true! There are pictures. I had tickets to that show and bailed last minute. Life of regret. True story. (Metromix)

5.) Simon Rex has been a lot of things: a porn star, an MTV VJ, a network drama bit player. Of course the next step in his career was to become a rapper. (Now there's an idea, Kurt Loder!) Flavorwire did the hard work and tracked down nine more MTV VJ alumni to see what they're up to now. (Flavorwire)

6.) Baby monkey riding on a baby pig: the viral video sensation now with hilarious original soundtrack! (YouTube)

7.) We here at Buzzworthy love kittens. Seriously, who doesn't love kittens? So by logical extension, we love the band KITTEN, who sound like The Killers and Florence + The Machine rolled into one adorable fuzzy package. OK, not really, but they do sound like that. (MySpace)

8.) Do you consider yourself an accomplished meme entrepreneur? (Meaning, can you make stuff go viral really fast?) Our friends at BuzzFeed are hosting Viral Wars, an online competition to see who can score the most clicks in one week. DO IT! Start being viral! (BuzzFeed)

9.) A computer science student embedded the lyrics to Rick Astley's reborn-by-way-of-the-Internet single Never Gonna Give You Up to create the first ever SUBLIMINAL RICK ROLL! Click through to see the original video. (Gizmodo)

10.) What if the sweet, sweet musings of American rapper 50 Cent were translated into the Queen's English? Well, you would have @English50Cent. (Twitter)