Watch Snooki's 'Whip My Hair' Video

What can't Snooki do? The "Jersey Shore" shorty is an amazing fist-pumper, a first-class tanner, and a stellar shot-taker. Recently Snooki took a clue from Willow Smith, who she's "obsessed with," and added making a video of her whipping her hair to her repertoire. And by "whipping her hair" I mean "gently shaking her pouf to "Whip My Hair" on the floor of her bedroom while making kissy faces.

Last time on SnookTV, Snookie hit us with an intimate lip-synching session to Britney Spears' "Sometimes." This time, Snooki's "Whip My Hair" video (via Celebuzz) features two huge cameos--Snooki's cute little dog Gia (whipping her fur), and more important, Snooki's famous ridiculously bedazzled sunglasses that no one understands how she sees out of. We love to see Snooki whip her hair, but just remember, lady! Whipping your hair can be dangerous!

+ Watch Snooki's "Whip My Hair" video below.

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