POSTED: The Ready Set's Jordan Answers Fan Questions, Reveals His Picky Eating Habits, Most-Played iPod Song & More

(Credit: Brian Appio/MTV)

As our featured MTV Posted artist, we've been overloading on The Ready Set and the band's frontman, Jordan Witzigreuter. And we couldn't be happier.

Central to The Ready Set's rise to fame and fortune is the passion of The Ready Set fans. So, with that in mind, Jordan took some time out to answer some of his fans' questions, in this exclusive fan question interview.

In the first video, Jordan reveals his healthy eating habits and his affection for leafy greens. He also chats about his first job at a coffee shop and how that cafe still laces him with free java when he comes through. Ready Set membership has its privileges!

For the second fan Q&A video, we move on to the music of The Ready Set. Jordan answers questions about his proficiency on a number of instruments and his musical tastes. He reveals that his favorite band is the Florida group Copeland, while the most-played song on his iPod right now is "Save Your Goodbyes," by Buzzworthy favorite Mike Posner.

Finally, in the last video, Jordan gets mad whimsical, doling out some fun facts to the fans. Issues addressed include his cat's name, the existence of unicorns and narwhals.

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