Pathetically Easy Celebrity Halloween Costumes For The Cheap & Lazy

I love Halloween! Who doesn't appreciate the chance to dress up, get wild and pretend you're someone entirely different for a night?  Wanna dress up like Katy Perry this Halloween? Go trick-or-treating as Lady Gaga? Check out some tips for looking like your favorite stars if you're low on cash but have great big dreams of dressing up like a celebrity this Halloween.

Katy Perry Halloween Costume: Katy Perry created quite a stir spraying whipped cream out of her bra in the "California Gurls" video. Try it yourself with some cheap cans of the stuff duct-taped to your chest or held together with some kind of string contraption if you're good at tying knots. Extra points for the Betty Page wig and Snoop sidekick.

Ke$ha Halloween Costume: Ke$ha's half-glam, all-party style in her "TiK ToK" video might be the more obvious choice for this year's costume. But why not try Tiger Ke$ha? Urban Outfitters' Tiger Booty Buddy is basically a Snuggie, but it's also basically a Ke$ha costume to go. Plus, you get to wear a blanket in public.

Justin Bieber Halloween Costume: The great thing about being Justin Bieber for Halloween is that you don't need to buy anything. We all have a hoodie somewhere. The "Somebody To Love" singer's famous 16-year-old swag might be hard to impersonate, though, but put on a hoodie, shake out your hair and do your best. If people don't immediately understand that you're Justin Bieber, just give them ye ol' Justin Bieber hair shake and be like "you just don't get it, man. You Just. Don't. Get It."

Lil Wayne Halloween Costume: I can't think of a more fitting Halloween than this one to dedicate to Weezy. Mr. Young Money is being released from jail only days later. All you really need to dress up like Lil Wayne is a Sharpie and the ability and willingness to draw all over yourself. Here's hoping you win all the costume contests you enter -- it's going to be a while before that marker comes off.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume: Years from now we'll all remember where we were when the "Telephone" video first premiered. Pay homage to the Lady who changed the Diet Coke can forever. Grab a cheap wig, and tie a Diet Coke can to it this October 31st. Voila. Lazy Gaga.