New Video: Travie McCoy, 'Need You'

Despite all their mutual success, despite their various hits, despite the fact that one of them is about to get married, Katy Perry and Travie McCoy's breakup and relationship is still sort of an elephant in the room; we nosy listeners still want to hear what they have to say about it, on record (and on the record).

Katy Perry took the first shot across the bow of the USS McCoy with her acidic, accusatory track "Circle The Drain." Now Travie McCoy returns fire with this new video for his track "Need You," directed by Luga Podesta. While it would be hard to pin either down about whether it was specifically about their ex, some astute listeners may read between the lines.

"Need You" has a somber vibe, not unlike the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic "Under The Bridge." In the clip, Travie McCoy wanders around, late at night in Chinatown, musing on how a past love has ruined him for future happiness. (Please note, the chopsticks in Travie's hair. An excellent artistic hat tip to the video's location.) And the contorting dancers? Very "Runaway."

A couple of months back, Travie McCoy told MTV News, "The concept of the song is basically me explaining to a girl that I'm not in a position to give her what she needs." Honestly, it's a surprisingly measured and vulnerable track that shows off a more mature side of Travie.

"Need You" is taken from Travie McCoy's solo debut, Lazarus, which is out now.