Rihanna Goes Goth in Second 'Who's That Chick?' Video

(Credit: Splash News)

When Rihanna's first "Who's That Chick?" video hit the web in September, we weren't sure what to make of it. We didn't know if it was leaked on purpose to give us a taste of her upcoming album, Loud, or if it was extra footage of a PVC stockings convention/Day-Glo dance club/traveling carnival experiment.

A second version of Rihanna's "Who's That Chick?" video has been released, and we now know that it's part of a unique new marketing campaign for Doritos Late Night.  Instead of the candy-colored Rihanna we saw in the "day" cut, director of both videos Jonas Åkerlund brings us back to a "Disturbia"-era Rihanna in the "night" version.

Sporting gray nails, dark makeup and a sexy black frock, the same set we saw in the first take is transformed from fun house to underground goth club. OK, maybe not a real goth club, but Rihanna wears white contact lenses and skulls, and both of those things are pretty goth in my book.

Rihanna is really excited about teaming up with Doritos, and we have to admit, the interactive customization aspect is kinda cool. A little weird, but cool. To see the original Rude Girl in all her dark-sided glory, all you need is a webcam and flattened, empty bag of Doritos Late Night. (Just like some of my best college memories.) If you're short on chips, you can watch a side-by-side comparison of both videos below.

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