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+ UPDATE: Watch the performances from "Speak Now: Taylor Swift Live from New York City."

Taylor Swift's Speak Now album, the follow-up to her multi-platinum, Grammy-winning Fearless album, is due out October 25. Speak Now is set to become Taylor Swift's most mature album to date, with Taylor crossing the bridge from "girl with a guitar" to grown woman.

With songs about forgiveness, like "Innocent," which Taylor wrote for Kanye West and performed at the 2010 MTV VMAs, her own apology for a lost love in "Back to December," the much-matured "Mine," which sees Taylor running off and getting married and starting a family (watch the video below), and "Mean," which is essentially a look-at-me-now, in-your-face laugh at her critics, Taylor Swift's Speak Now is about never holding back, speaking your mind and getting everything out in the open, as she revealed to MTV News in the videos below.

In the November 2010 issue of Glamour, Taylor Swift explained the don't-back approach to Speak Now, saying, "Everything that happens to me gets put into a song... I'm really comfortable talking about my personal life in songs. There, I don't hold back: names, dates, times, expressions on people's faces, exactly where we were and how it felt, what I wish I would have said to them in the moment."

And on Monday, Oct. 25, the day of her Speak Now album release, you'll get a chance to see Taylor Swift face her fans and pour her heart out in public in her album release performance streamed live on

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