POSTED: The Ready Set's Jordan Blogs About His Great, Big Ready Set Family

The Ready Set's Jordan Witzigreuter has been keeping us filled in on his busy life over at MTV Posted. In this entry, Jordan talks about his band's beginnings and the extended Ready Set family, from merch table handlers to business managers. Read Jordan's diary and new photos, and get Ready Set photos, videos and more at MTV Posted.

I feel pretty lucky that I have such a great crew of people involved with The Ready Set. From what I’ve gathered over the past couple years, a lot of bands tend to feel negatively about their label, staff, management, touring crew, etc. It's one thing that I always saw as the first step in what could be a pretty devastating turn in any artist's career.

In 2008 (and up until now, even) I was fortunate enough to meet friends who would ultimately drop their personal lives and join me in a cramped SUV on the road. The idea that there are others who shared a similar faith in what I was doing, to the point of making those sacrifices, is amazing. I think it's pretty cool that even though The Ready Set is my solo project, my touring crew is like a family.

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On the business end of things, I feel like I’ve got the coolest possible label/management situation. Decaydance and The Working Group are home to some of the hardest working people I’ve met, and Sire is reputably--and I can vouch for this--one of the most "artist-friendly" labels around, which is exactly what I wanted when signing. I was always afraid of signing to a label only to be put on the back burner, but I am glad to report that I haven't even come close to feeling like that is the case.

It’s great to get to share a similar work ethic with those who work with you. I guess that's that. I really like the way things are going, I feel very lucky, and I think saying thanks is a gentlemanly thing to do. I am the ultimate gentleman.