New Video: Willow Smith, ‘Whip My Hair’

(Credit: Alan Silfen)

Yeah, Willow Smith’s got some famous parents — Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith — and a famous brother (Karate Kid and Justin Bieber buddy Jaden Smith), but the 9-year-old is well on her way to making her own name known with her debut single and video, the infectious anthem “Whip My Hair.”

“Whip My Hair” came out of nowhere and managed to captivate teen-pop and hip-hop fans alike. Such was the buzz created by this little whipper-snapper that no less a mogul than Jay-Z signed Willow Smith to Roc Nation Records.

The “Whip My Hair” video certainly lives up to the energy and power of the track. It opens with a cafeteria scene where kids are dressed in all white and forced to eat some really unappetizing-looking veggies. Enter Willow Smith, one part “Tank Girl,” one part little Nicki Minaj, to blow the roof off the place. And, oh by the way, she happens to have the most INSANE nails ever.

What follows is some of the most inspiring and awesome youth power dancing, hair whipping and floor stomping that you’re going to see all day.

+ Watch Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” video below. Plus, see why one doctor thinks whipping your hair back and forth is dangerous!