Song You Need To Know: Rihanna, Featuring Drake, 'What's My Name'

(Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

A couple of weeks ago we saw Rihanna looking a tiny little bit disheveled on the set of her new video, "What's My Name." Then, just a few days later we blew up Drake and Rihanna's spot, when the onetime couple were snapped (check out the pic above) hanging out after Drake's Radio City Music Hall show.

Well, take those two instances and combine them and you find us here, with the just-released "What's My Name," featuring, you guessed it, Drake.

Rihanna told MTV News that her new album, Loud, would have "lots of island flavor," and "What's My Name" is a great example of that stylistic return to roots for the Barbados-born singer. She pairs with her sort-of ex (Drake claimed that Rihanna spent some "quality time" with him, only to end the brief fling) and the two have incredibly engaging chemistry.

You'll hear Drizzy engaging in his finest sing-rapping and Rihanna returning to a more island-influenced singing style. A great, breezy track to warm up the weekend.

Rihanna's Loud is due out in November.

+ Listen to Rihanna and Drake's "What's My Name," here

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