The Buzz On: Khalil

(Credit: Official Khalil MySpace)

Kids today, I tell you. You just can't keep them off the stage or out of the recording studio. Take, for instance, Khalil, a 15-year-old upstart signed to the legendary Def Jam. This California native's trajectory is becoming all too familiar in these YouTube-crazy modern times.

There he was, playing basketball and going to high school--normal teenage life stuff. But one day he decided to upload a video of himself singing Michael Jackson's "She's Out Of My Life," and his life changed forever. After being spotted by veteran music exec Kevin Wales, Khalil began recording songs, eventually catching the ear of Def Jam's L.A. Reid.

So far, Khalil has released two excellent singles in "Girlfriend Ringtone" and "Hey Lil Mama," both of which have the effervescent charm of early Chris Brown--a mixture of youthful exuberance and innocence and a little bit of young man swagger.

Check out music from Khalil over at his MySpace page and follow his entertaining Twitter account at @CrazyKhalil. Khalil is currently working on his debut album, so you stay ready.