Would You Wear These? Vans Shoes Inspired By Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' Video

(Credit: Nylon magazine)

Madonna is a fashion icon. Did I mention that my nickname is Captain Obvious? Of course Madonna is a fashion icon. But one realm of fashion where she hasn't made a big impact is shoes. Well, the folks over at Vans have rectified that situation with these awesome black leather kicks.

Created by MadeMe designer Erin Magee, these shoes are adorned with white crosses and are called, wait for it..."Life Is A Mystery." Kind of perfect, right?

What do you think? Do these shoes say "Madonna" to you? Do they call your name like a little prayer? Check out more pics of the kicks and watch Madonna's classic "Like A Prayer" video below. The shoes will go on sale this holiday season. Hat tip to Nylon magazine for the find!