Song You Need To Know: Ke$ha, 'We R Who We R'

(Credit: Splash News)

In the same way that Lady Gaga reissued her debut album, The Fame, with a companion album, The Fame Monster, Ke$ha will be following suit, relaunching her debut, Animal, with the bonus release Cannibal.

The first single off of Cannibal is "We R Who We R." It's nice to see success hasn't changed Ke$ha's way with spelling, and judging by the tune, it hasn't changed her carefree approach to music.

"We R Who We R" features all the hallmarks of a Ke$ha jam: pulsating, melodic keyboards, thumping beat, sing-raps from the blond bombshell and tons and tons of attitude.

"We R Who We R," as you might be able to tell from the text-speak title, is a something of an anthem for Ke$ha's gang. Who, exactly, is in this gang? Pretty much anyone who feels like getting down with her: "If you're one of us, then roll with us," she sings. Sounds like open admission!

Ke$ha's rerelease of Animal, with the bonus release Cannibal, is due out Nov. 22.

+ Listen to Ke$ha's "We R Who We R" here