Star Spotting: Rihanna Looks Fierce After Dinner

(Credit: Splash News)

Here we see Rihanna, exiting Giorgio Baldi, an Italian eatery, in Santa Monica, Calif., last night. Now, we've recently become kind of obsessed with Rihanna's ever-changing looks. We noted her rather depressed and emo look, her super casual airport look and, our personal fave, her French ingenue look.

It would seem that the "The Only Girl (In The World)" singer has settled into a much more relaxed, mix-and-match kind of style these days. Above, we see her rocking a flowing gray dress with cute brown shoes.

But don't get it twisted--Rihanna is still Rihanna. And she can turn exiting a restaurant into walking a catwalk like nobody's business. Look at the shot above. Shoulders back, head held high. She's working it, Italian restaurant style.

Rihanna's new album, Loud, comes out in November.

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