WATCH: Adorable Kittehs Play Dope Beats, Set Dogs On Fire

At long last, someone has brought together the Interweb's two largest wheelhouses -- music and cats, naturally -- to create the greatest three and a half minutes ever committed to film.

That someone is the Toronto-based neo-electronic (and NSFW-ly named) outfit Holy F--- who shall, for the purposes of this blog, henceforth be referred to as "Holy Eff." And those three and a half minutes come courtesy of the foursome's brand-spanking-new (and totally SFW) video for "Red Lights," the second single off its latest album, Latin.

In it, some badass kittehs do what kittehs do best: get down to dope beats, show off mad drumming skills, and run some dumb old doggies off the road in an explosive Super-8-style chase. Top that, Keyboard Cat.

So, let's just be honest here: It's incredible.

+ Watch Holy F---'s "Red Lights" video.

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