MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: 3OH!3

Often with MTV PUSH Artists of the Week, we have to do some sort of introduction. Well, this week's artists need very little in the way of a "getting to know you." Your mom probably warned you about these dudes. It's 3OH!3, and they are here to party.

Over the course of two albums, this Colorado duo, made up of Nathan Motte and Sean Foreman, have revived the oft-mocked but much-loved subgenre of party anthems. On this past summer's Streets Of Gold, the band refined its electro-style stadium rock, delivering shout-along singles like "My First Kiss" featuring Ke$ha and "Double Vision."

In honor of these two wild and crazy guys being our PUSH Artist of the Week, we've got an absolute gold mine of videos for you to check out.

First, take a listen of their recent clubs hits, "Double Vision" and "My First Kiss."

You can also check out the duo's party-shakin' tunes "Don't Trust Me" and "Starstrukk.”

Next, watch 3OH!3 answer fan questions:

+ Watch more 3OH!3 videos after the jump.

Fan Questions From Manchester, England, Part II

Fan Questions From Manchester, England, Part III

Here are some cool behind-the-scenes looks at the making of their videos:

Behind The Scenes of "Double Vision"

Beyond The Video of 3OH!3's "My First Kiss"

And here are clips from the shows they make:

"Did You Just Switch Shirts?"

"Smells Like Genius"

"Gold, Gold, Everywhere!"

"Dramatic Exit -- Take Two"

Plus, live performances:

"Don't Trust Me (Live)"

"Don't Trust Me (Live)"

"My First Kiss (Live)"