New Video: The Wonder Years, 'Melrose Diner' (NSFW)

(Credit: BabiiDanii)

"The Wonder Years" was a beloved late '80s television show that looked at youth and young love through the nostalgic lens of the late '60s, with a humorous and idealistic feeling to it all.

The band The Wonder Years, at least in terms of this video for their single "Melrose Diner," drop the nostalgia and the idealism and keep the humor for this raunchy, wrestling-themed clip.

The video follows the rivalry between a lovable loser wrestler named Lone Wolf and his nemesis The Evil Kraag, both of whom are vying for the attention of a foul-mouthed (and I mean foul-mouthed) ring queen named Megan.

There are plenty of in-the-ring fireworks, but truly the main event is the insanely catchy and melodic punk rock of the song. Taken from their album The Upsides, The Wonder Years' "Melrose Diner" is an underdog's anthem.

Check out The Wonder Years' "Melrose Diner" below. The Upsides is out now.

+ Watch The Wonder Years' "Melrose Diner" video. (WARNING: NSFW)