Meet Shawty Mane: Justin Bieber Hollers At Lady Gaga, Begins Rap Career

(Credit: @JustinBieber)

The weird thing about the Internet is that it's almost psychic. It can sense what we want and make it happen. First, the Internet made Betty White host "Saturday Night Live." And now the Internet made a video of Justin Bieber, rapping. It's something we never knew we wanted, but now that it's here, we can't imagine life without it.

This isn't some flip-cammed Justin Bieber in a hotel room jokingly rapping along to Chris Brown's "Deuces (Remix)." This is Justin Bieber really, really rapping. Like for real, for real.

Calling himself (wait for it...), SHAWTY MANE, Justin Bieber tweeted his rap video out to the world last night. It's called "Speaking In Tongues," originally a track recorded by NYC heavyweights Cam'ron and Vado. But I think Cam and Vado would say this is a Shawty Mane song now.

As for his rapping, Bieber resembles a young, energetic Busta Rhymes (think from his "Scenario" days), babbling, scatting, boasting that he can call Lady Gaga on the phone (and that Lady Gaga will be, um, excited to hear from him), claims that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has stolen his hairstyle (now that you mention it!), and much, much more.

Watch Justin Bieber, rapping as Shawty Mane, perform "Speaking In Tongues," below. Thanks, Internet!

+ Watch Justin Bieber (aka Shawty Mane), "Speaking In Tongues."