Video Premiere: My Chemical Romance, 'Na Na Na'

My Chemical Romance's long-awaited ''Na Na Na" video is finally here, and we're glad we got to rest up between the "Na Na Na" photos and behind-the-scenes footage of the video, because ''Na Na Na," the first single off My Chemical Romance's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Nov. 22), has more energy than a power plant.

Anything can happen in the desert, and everything does. We see the Killjoys suit up in their leathers and misfit attire and then proceed to seriously f*** sh** up, forming a ragtag militia, racing across the desert in badass Trans Ams, armed with heavy weapons, kung fu skills, big-time bravado, shout-it-loud chorus and a match in the gas tank.

Directed by Roboshobo and My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, MCR's ''Na Na Na" video feels like a 1970s road rally movie meets a campy Tarantino action flick--cinematic split screens, pedal-to-the-medal peel-out close-ups, close-range killings and all.

In this desert, the vending machines are stocked with weapons, and My Chemical Romance--armed with unrest and rebellion--is fighting a war of words.