New Video: Rihanna, 'Only Girl (In The World)'

(Credit: Splash News)

Rihanna's brand-spanking new video for "Only Girl (In The World)," taken from her upcoming album, Loud, means that we finally get to meet the new Rihanna.

OK, it's not like the Rihanna you'll see and hear in "Only Girl (In The World)" is completely unrecognizable, but there are some decided differences. For one, color! Lots of color! Redheaded Rihanna in a field of colorful flowers. About as far from the Berlin goth of her Rated R videos as you can get.

Soundwise, "Only Girl (In The World)" has producer Stargate's wide-screen dance-R&B flavor (the same kind they draped all over Katy Perry's "Firework") and a far more emotional Rihanna than we're accustomed to.

Watch Rihanna's floral and colorful "Only Girl (In The World)" video below. Loud is due out in November.

+ Watch Rihanna's "Only Girl In The world" video.

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