5 Stars Who Should Get Naked On The Cover Of W Magazine

(Credit: Mark Seliger/W magazine)

There must be something in the office coffee at W magazine. Somehow they're able to get celebs to pose for the steamiest (but classiest) shots possible.

There was W's Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler shoot, the legendary Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt portrayal of domestic bliss and now Kim Kardashian gets fully naked on the cover of W's November issue.

Kim's extremely full-frontal nudity got us thinking: Who would we like to see go clothing-less on the cover of W? Now, we're not pervs over here. This is based on very, very scientific research. These choices aren't based on who we want to see naked, and frankly we're offended you'd think such a thing. This is based on past behavior and a celeb's propensity to drop trou in front of a lens. Behold!

1. Pink: This one was pretty easy. Pink posed nude on the cover of her Funhouse album, and she's built like crazy. Maybe it's time to return to her roots, as it were.

2. Katy Perry: Were it not for some purposefully placed cotton candy cloud cover, Katy would have been nude on the cover of her Teenage Dream album cover.

3. Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga was almost naked on the cover of "Vanity Fair." Perhaps the folks at W could lay out a nice deli tray to convince her to go all the way for them?

4. Trey Songz: Trey claims he "invented sex." Time to prove it, dog!

5. Lea Michele: The "Glee" star has suggested she might go naked for the animal rights organization PETA. Maybe she should do it for W? Maybe not as altruistic, but still!

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