Ke$ha Looks Cute And Normal On The Cover Of Seventeen Magazine

Hey, look at that! It's Ke$ha on the cover of Seventeen magazine's November issue. And Ke$ha looks like she woke up in a bed, not a bathtub and brushed her teeth with Crest instead of whiskey! Gone is Ke$ha's requisite glitter and Dumpster-diving duds. She's wearing animal print but no animal mask! Wearing basically the natural look, save for some aqua eyeliner wings, Ke$ha looks glowy and freaking adorable, you guys! See what a little makeunder can do for a girl? This isn't party-time Ke$ha. It's pretty-time Ke$ha!

But enough about Ke$ha's looks. It's what's on the inside that counts. And what did Ke$ha reveal to Seventeen magazine? Just that, in the opinion of Ke$ha, Ke$ha's got a pretty good voice.

"That's the one thing I'm most confident about," Ke$ha told Seventeen. "I don't have the best body in the world, but I know for a fact that I have a really good voice. It really bummed me out that somebody didn't see that, and then I got upset. But it just made me realize that this is an unveiling process; it's just going to take time. I'm just proving myself to people."

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