Star Spotting: Japan Still Has Justin Bieber Fever

(Credit: Splash News)

Fevers break, people. You can only stay so hot for so long. I'd even go as far to say that, through no doing of his own, Justin Bieber Fever has started to abate just a little tiny bit. I mean, people need to recover, right? They have to prepare themselves emotionally and physically from whatever is coming next from the little Canadian that stole their hearts.

Well, one place in which Bieber Fever is still going strong is Japan. See, Japan has a tendency to keep the fanaticism going at a fever pitch even when everyone else is taking a quick break to regroup. So when Justin Bieber hit up Tokyo Dome City in Japan yesterday, wearing some pretty adorable black specs, fans such as these...

...waited 16 hours, in the rain, to see him perform. So, as a licensed medical doctor (which I totally am), I am going to say that Bieber Fever is still running high in Japan.