New Video: Ciara, 'Gimmie Dat'

(Credit: Ron Smits/London Press/Splash News)

At this point in her career, Ciara's an established pro. She knows what she's doing, and she knows that in music videos it's all about steadily upping the ante until the viewer is pretty much beside themselves.

Take, for example, Ciara's video for her single "Gimmie Dat." We begin with a murdered out sports car, out of which pops Ciara, wearing Chuck Taylo's with special stripper heel attachments and a belt that spells out the word "fly" in stuffed letters. After doing some writhing, bumping and grinding in what appears to be the parking lot of an abandoned industrial park, she enters a warehouse where she promptly throws on a bedazzled Atlanta Braves hat, has a costume change and begins grooving her behind off with a coterie of male dancers.

I'm exhausted and overwhelmed! And that's just the first few minutes. There's some zero-gravity choreography that's pretty much a combination of (as Idolator points out) Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" and (as I am pointing out) Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Inception."

Seriously this might feature the best/craziest/jaw-dropping choreography we've seen all year. "Gimmie Dat" is taken from Ciara's upcoming Basic Instinct album, which is due out soon.

+ Watch Ciara's "Gimmie Dat" video.