Song You Need To Know: Taylor Swift, 'Back To December'

(Credit: Splash News)

"Back To December" is the latest piece of music we've heard from Taylor Swift's upcoming Speak Now album, and it's a total misty-eyed slow dance of a song.

As Vulture notes, and as you will no doubt think when you listen to the track, "Back To December" starts out a lot like Shania Twain's juggernaut of a single, "You're Still The One," which crushed all that stood before it back in 1997.

"Back To December" starts out with very similar phrasing and very similar lyrics. But it's still very much a Taylor Swift song, with her fine eye for detail and story. "Back To December" is a mea culpa from Taylor Swift; a song about a gal who realizes she was wrong and wants things to go back to the way they were with her beau.

Swift tells the story with some of her patented couplets ("turns out freedom wasn't nothing but missing you"), aided along with a typically soaring chorus.

Check out "Back To December" below. Speak Now is out Oct. 25.

+ Listen to Taylor Swift's "Back To December."

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