Buzzworthy Interview: Shontelle On Her 'Impossible' Video, Her Sisters And Watching 'Weeds'

(Credit: Splash News)

R&B singer Shontelle hails from Barbados and makes wildly eclectic music that interpolates everything from dance-pop to confessional rock. On her recently released sophomore album, No Gravity, Shontelle truly comes into her own as an artist, with gorgeous love and breakup tracks such as "Impossible" and "Say Hello To Goodbye," but we wanted to get to know more about this charismatic new artist, so we sat down for an exclusive Buzzworthy chat.

In this video interview, Shontelle talks about the narrative behind her "Impossible" video. On the personal side, Shontelle talks about growing up with three sisters. It sounds like... well, it sounds like growing up with three sisters! Lots of drama and whatnot. Shontelle also gives us some insight as to what's on her DVR list of saved shows (she thinks "Weeds" is "hilarious").

Find out about Shontelle's videos, family and television tastes in the interview below. Shontelle's No Gravity is out now.