Kim Kardashian Gets Totally Naked For W Magazine

(Credit: Mark Seliger/W via Celebuzz)

Never mind the September issue. W magazine went full-frontal for its November issue, entitled the "art issue," and though she doesn't have an album, can't--that we know of--paint a portrait or dance "Swan Lake," Kim Kardashian, W's stark-naked cover girl, has made a career and a more-than-comfortable living out of turning her body into a piece of art. And speaking of her body, you get to see all of it, absolutely naked--save for what looks like some silver body paint--photographed by Mark Seliger in the November issue of W, which hits newsstands next week. Kim Kardashian's silver paint job was inspired by Jeff Koons' Silver Bunny, with cover art, covering Kim's lady parts, by artist Barbara Kruger.

This isn't the first time we've seen Kim Kardashian naked. There's that certain tape with a certain singer, and she's posed for Playboy too. The difference is... um... these photos are free? And they're art!

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