Video Premiere: Wiz Khalifa, 'Black And Yellow'

(Credit: Anthony Pidgeon/Redferns)

Earlier this year, MTV named Wiz Khalifa the Hottest Breakthrough MC of the Year. And with his new "Black And Yellow" video, the laconic rapper is doing little to silence the buzz surrounding him.

"Black And Yellow" is an anthem for his hometown of Pittsburgh. Pitt rarely gets much shine in the hip-hop community, living somewhat in the shadow of the culturally thriving Philadelphia scene. But Wiz seems to be dedicated to single-handedly changing that scenario.

"Black And Yellow" follows a day in the life of Wiz, as he gets up, has some breakfast, peels out to the basketball courts and spends the day hanging out with his friends and fans, all while the chorus shouts out the words, "black and yellow"--the unofficial colors of Pittsburgh and the official colors of the city's football team, the Steelers. There's even an appearance from the Steelers' patented "terrible towels."

Check out Wiz Khalifa's Pittsburgh anthem, "Black And Yellow," below.