New Video: Pissed Jeans, 'False Jessi Pt. II'

(Credit: Sub Pop Records)

If you're ever throwing a party and it gets to the point in the evening when the only people left are the ones you don't actually remember inviting and you're more worried about cleaning up than you are having a good time, that's the perfect part of the night to put on Pissed Jeans. Trust me, they will clear that place out superfast. If only for the name alone: Pissed Jeans!

Pissed Jeans are from Allentown, Pa., and they make glorious, loud antisocial post-punk in the vein of venerated bands like Shellac and Jesus Lizard. In this Shawn Brackbill-directed clip for their song "False Jessi Pt. II," taken from their album King Of Jeans, the band plays on a kind of bizarro "American Bandstand," complete with vintage TV cinematography and listless girls dancing in the background.

It's an absolutely roaring song that is sure to kick-start your day and a really amusing, incongruous video to boot.

Watch Pissed Jeans' "False Jessi Pt. II" below. King Of Jeans is out now.