MUST WATCH: Girl Uses Makeup To Turn Into Jared Leto

Two things I learned from the following video. 1) There is something called cosplay (costume play), which is apparently a kind of performance art where people use makeup and accessories to become a specific character and 2.) in the right hands, makeup is a pretty transformative tool.

Which brings us to the case of Helena, a Russian girl who one can only assume is a pretty big fan of 30 Seconds To Mars. In a video posted last week, Helena, with the soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" playing in the background, uses a number of cosmetics to make herself look A LOT like Jared Leto. Like, blink and you wouldn't know the difference.

Let's be clear, Helena, without makeup, looks nothing like Jared Leto. This is definitely a master class in transformation via mascara, eyebrow pencil and the astonishing drawing of some stubble. You will not believe your own eyes when you see what Helena does to her own peepers to make them look like Jared's.

Check out Helena's cosplay video below to see this Russian 30 Seconds to Mars fan turn into Jared Leto with the help of some everyday cosmetics.

+ Watch Helena's Jared Leto makeup cosplay video.

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