Star Spotting: Katy Perry Behind The Wheel

(Credit: Splash News)

Over the weekend Katy Perry performed a free concert for fans at Hollywood club The Music Box. And while all reports of the show were stellar, there was one bit of bad news. The singer finally found out the one bad thing about being a California gurl: THE TRAFFIC.

Here we have Katy, right after her Music Box gig, making a face familiar to most Californians. The one where you are staring into the back of infinity, wondering if you are going to make it to your destination before whatever major holiday is coming up.

Katy's got a face on the looks like she's wondering if she's going to be home in time to change into her wedding dress for her nuptials! Maybe that wouldn't be the end of the world. She would able to wear her cool, purple safari-themed dress, in that case...

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