POLL: Who Has Better Abs: Bret Michaels Or The Situation?

Here at Buzzworthy, we like to ask the tough questions. And perhaps no other question haunts the days and nights of Americans today than this: Who has better abs, Bret Michaels or The Situation?

I think The Situation has to be considered the favorite here. His abs are sort of his thing, other than his ability to sum up lifestyle choices with three-letter acronyms. In Bret Michaels' case, he is best known for his bandanna and the way he used reality television to find a life partner.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, he showed up on the cover of Billboard, sans clothes, and shocked the world with his six-pack.

Which brings us to the here and now and this question. Who has better abs!? Vote in the poll and add any useful commentary to in the comments.

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