New Video: Miley Cyrus, 'Who Owns My Heart'

(Credit: BOA/Splash News)

Wherein we join the rebirth of Miley Cyrus, already in progress. When we last got a music video for Milers she had shrugged off the easygoing and hook-filled charm of "Party In The U.S.A." for the shadows and feathers of her "Can't Be Tamed" video, which was all about Miley's rebirth, from goody-two-shoes "Hannah Montana" actress to rebel girl.

"Who Owns My Heart," the second single from Can't Be Tamed, is the next step in Miley's move from teen-pop icon to dance club diva. It's a frank and racy clip that will seem alien to her fans who long for the days when it was all "nodding my head like yeah!"

The video features a scantily clad Cyrus preparing for a night out, getting made up and dressed in a bathroom that looks like it belongs in the house Tyler Durden lived in in "Fight Club."

Cyrus, however, is decidedly a lover, not a fighter, and she spends the night dancing, writhing and looking for Mr. Right.

Miley Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed is out now.

+ Watch Miley Cyrus' "Who Owns My Heart."