Star Spotting: Does Amy Winehouse Look Better To You?

(Credit: Splash News)

So here we have Amy Winehouse looking as good as she has in...well, for as long as we can remember! I suppose if she was really, really over all her, you know, issues, she would be photographed coming out of Whole Foods (or the London version thereof) with a bag full of wheatgrass and root vegetables.

Alas, the above photo finds Winehouse coming out of the oh-so-innocently-named Burlesque Club in London, where her father, Mitch, was playing a gig. Locale aside, Winehouse's new look certainly seems to be agreeing with her. And when I say new look, I am referring to the cosmetic modifications she has had done to her chest and the fact that she isn't covered in blood. But hey! It's a start!

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