Video Premiere: Linkin Park, 'Waiting For The End'

Linkin Park's new video, "Waiting For The End," was directed by Joe Hahn and taps into that rare subgenre of music videos--the music video that eschews fancy cars, fancy locations and fancy endorsement deals and instead embraces the art form as a moving montage of melodic emotion.

In "Waiting For The End," off of Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns album, we see Linkin Park submerged in what almost feels like a gray-blue cosmic gel. The band members' likenesses are distant, fuzzed out and on the fritz, seemingly sketched out of tracing paper, which morphs into a multidimensional experience. The quasi-holographic images feel almost like an ultrasound or MRI. The effect is eerily inhuman, caught somewhere in another world, possibly underwater, conceivably beyond the Earth.

Is Linkin Park floating in space? Trapped in the in-between or the verge of the afterlife? Everything feels nearer than normal. Almost amniotic. Normally a close-quarters video like this (recall Radiohead's "House of Cards" and "No Surprises" videos) would be unsettling. But while Linkin Park's whereabouts remain unresolved, somehow the result is oddly soothing and almost peaceful.

+ Watch Linkin Park's brand-new video, "Waiting For The End."