Rihanna Has A Brother!? Celebrity Siblings Are EVERYWHERE!

(Credit: Buzzfeed)

Rihanna: singer, dancer, actress, fashion icon, redhead and...sister?! Yup, Rihanna has a little bro! Who knew? Not many people, which seems to be the impetus behind Buzzfeed's feature about overlooked or relatively (get it?) unknown celeb siblings.

First things first: Rihannas little brother, Rajad Fenty, is pretty adorable. And in the above photo of the pair, RiRi sure seems happy to be spending a little quality time with him. Other musicians with siblings we didn't know about include Justin Bieber's little sister Jazmyn, John Mayer's brother, Carl (Carl!) and Alanis Morissette's brother, Wade.

Perhaps most interesting about this gallery are the similarities between certain pairs of siblings. Don Swayze is a spitting image of his late older brother, Patrick. While Dan Heder is literally identical to his twin brother, "Napoleon Dynamite" actor Jon Heder.

Check out Buzzfeed's gallery of celebrities and their siblings while you anxiously await Rajad Fenty's debut album!