Bret Michaels' Abs Are Real. And They're Spectacular!

Yes, that's Bret Michaels, and no that's not Men's Fitness magazine. That's the cover of Billboard's Maximum Exposure issue... which is LOL because Bret Michaels is indeed maximally exposed. Dude is bare-arse naked, wearing NOTHING but what the good Lord gave him. And his signature bandanna of course.

Now Bret Michaels is just a few years shy of 50 years old. And he overcame medical odds by recovering from a massive brain hemorrhage. So he'd be excused if he wasn't in prime shape. But that is SO not the case. Bret Michaels' abs of steel are, in fact, REAL! So how'd he achieve such a sick six-pack? Well, basically, Brett starved for those rock-hard abs. But only for a day.

We don't recommend starving, but we do recommend checking out his new VH1 reality show, "Life As I Know It," which premieres Oct. 18 at 10/9c. And check out Bret Michaels' brand-new video, "Riding Against The Wind," which is also his new show's theme song.