Star Spotting: Katy Perry Gets Wrapped Up In Warsaw

(Credit: Splash News)

We bring you this picture of a bundled-up Katy Perry--well for no real reason at all, other than, hey, Katy Perry, wearing a parka and still looking great.

This pic was snapped two days ago as Katy Perry was mingling with fans after a gig in Warsaw, Poland. While the singer had been photographed doing the town, earlier in the day, rocking a rather beautiful Belle Sauvage cocktail dress, she needed something a bit warmer in the evening.

Katy has been bringing the California heat to Eastern Europe all week, making stops in Budapest, Hungary (where, she tweeted, she's been filming her video for her upcoming single "Firework") and Germany, before hitting Poland. But at a certain point, the weather trumps whatever style points you want to make, and that's when you reach for the parka.

The functional clothing does remind you that despite usually wearing bright, colorful and occasionally squirting clothing, Perry does have a rather natural and innate beauty. Some gals have all the luck, I guess.

Take a look at Katy Perry in a decidedly more sunny locale in her "Teenage Dream" video, below.