Star Spotting: Why Does Rihanna Look SO EMO?

(Credit: Splash News)

Cue "Seinfeld" voice: WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH RIHANNA?! Rihanna has a new album, Loud, in the can, one that apparently shows off her fun and dance-friendly side. Rihanna's young, beautiful and famous. So why did she arrive at the Miu Miu show at Paris Fashion Week looking like a bummed-out eighth-grader who consistently gets picked last in gym class?

And while I'm asking Rihanna (and the universe) what the deal is with Rihanna, let me ask something else: If Rihanna just got a little kooky and weird, would that be a bad thing? Other than Lady Gaga, we don't have too many pop stars capable of weirding us out, or showing us multiple sides of their personality. Stars have such tight controls over their images that we never see them unkempt, emotionally or cosmetically.

But here we have Rihanna, hair over her face, blue socks on with heels (!) and apparently either a polar bear fur (not again!) or the remnants of a plush teddy bear (lets hope it's the latter). This, shortly after she was photographed on the set of her new "What's My Name?" video looking like she didn't care what anyone thought (just look).

Check out another photo of Rihanna at the Miu Miu show below. Long may she look attractively sullen.