Hollerado's 'Americanarama' Real-Life Video Game Video Must Be Seen To Be Believed

(Credit: Hollerado)

Canadian rock group Hollerado's band is a play on the state name Colorado, and they've got a new video, for their song "Americanarama." And the video seems to be, largely, about Philadelphia. So where, exactly, are these guys coming from? Well, to judge by this new clip, it looks like the early- to mid-1980s!

"Americanarama," taken from Hollerado's Record In A Bag album, features choreography that brilliantly mimics the stiff movements of 8-bit video game characters. As the angular song winds along, the people in the background go from performing stiff dance moves to spelling out the lyrics of the song. It's all very OK Go, in an awesome way.

The video comprises 24 volunteer dancers, and it took 424 movement cues to shoot. Incredible stuff directed by Greg Jardin. And, fun fact: One of the dancers played the serial killer on season 5 of "The Wire."

Hollerado's Record In A Bag is out now. Catch them on tour with Free Energy.

+ Watch Hollerado's "Americanarama" video.