Video Premiere: Skyzoo And !LLMiND, 'Speakers On Blast'

When it comes to rap videos, they don't really make 'em like the used to. Before the late '90s Bad Boy/Diddy/Notorious B.I.G. era, hip-hop videos were largely made up of rugged dudes hanging out in rugged locales with their rugged friends. No glossy cinematography, magnums of champagne or shiny suits.

So call Sykzoo and !LLMiND's "Speakers On Blast" a throwback. Heck, that's what the Brooklyn-born Skyzoo calls himself! "Now they wanna bring the 90's back/That's okay, 'cause that's where they designed me at," he raps from a Brooklyn rooftop.

This is Brooklyn jeep music, the kind of Wu-Tang Clan-, Mobb Deep- and Nas-inspired East Coast hip-hop that will make the heart flutter for anyone who grew up on the golden age of hip-hop.

"Speakers On Blast" is a collaboration between Skyzoo and acclaimed producer !LLMiND, who laces the song with a cracking throwback beat.

Watch Skyzoo and !LLMiND's "Speakers On Blast" video below. The track is taken from the duo's Live From The Tape Deck, which is out now.