Star Spotting: Taylor Momsen, Behind The Mask

(Credit: Bartholomew/Splash News)

Here we have Taylor Momsen, dressed up for what I can only assume will be a scene set at a masquerade ball for "Gossip Girl." There are two really funny things about this picture (other than...Taylor Momsen wearing a mask).

The first is just how crazy "Gossip Girl" set photos are. Yes, yes, beautiful people, beautiful clothes. But so often, when yanked out of their "Gossip Girl" context and frozen in photography's frozen time, like the above shot, the actors look like they just escaped from an insane asylum.

And the second: Isn't it amazing that, even though she's rocking a mask, you can a) kind of tell it's Taylor Momsen and b) kind of tell she's sulking. If she yanked that mask off and was sporting a pouty snarl and tons of eye makeup, I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Gotta love that girl.

You can see Taylor Momsen and the rest of the crazy kids of "Gossip Girl" Mondays at 9 on the CW.