PHOTOS: Lady Gaga's Hair Dress!

(Picture by: Daniel Shapiro/ Splash News)

+  UPDATE: Listen To Lady Gaga's new song, "Hair," and check out photos of Lady Gaga's craziest hairstyles!

Last night Lady Gaga showed up to the Oak Room at New York's Plaza Hotel wearing a blonde wig and fishnets. OH! And she also wore a dress made of hair.

In other news, your body is primarily made of bones, cells, tissue and water. What I mean by that is OF COURSE Lady Gaga wore a dress made of hair. WHY WOULDN'T Gaga wear a hair dress? She's worn a meat dress (that's sooooo September), Muppets, Latex, A NECK BRACE and other dangerous outfits. Human hair was the logical next step. Plus, in a way, a hair dress is kind of organic, right? It's like recycling.

The hair on Gaga's hair dress was kind of an auburn, or a honey shade, if you will. No offense, but it looked kinda nappy, like it needed a good deep conditioning or some Moroccan oil or something. Oh well. Gaga's a busy girl. It's hard to tour the world, work on a new album and remember to hot-oil your hair dress.

As does happen when you're wearing a hair dress, Lady Gaga was invited up to the stage by the house jazz band and performed an impromptu set. Looks like she also enjoyed some champagne. I'll raise a glass of champers to that! L'chaim, Lady Gaga! To hair!