Go Gaga For This Lady Gaga Cake!

(Credit: Cakehero.com)

People express their love and devotion to Lady Gaga in various ways. They dress up like her, they dress their dogs like her, all sorts of stuff, really. But this, this might literally take the cake. Behold, the largely "Telephone"-inspired Lady Gaga cake.

Created by a crafty, Gaga-loving baker named Melissa, who blogs over at CakeHero.com, this is an inspired work of Lady Gaga fandom and cake making. Melissa used white candy cigarettes, referencing the cigarette shades from "Telephone." There are also confectionery references to her crime scene outfit from the "Telephone" and her fashions from the "Paparazzi" video.

For more photos and information about this incredible, edible piece of fan art, check out Melissa's site, Cakehero.com.